• Hi! (I hope you’ll get a notification of this message…)

    Even though the administrative needs for this wiki are low, I’m currently the last active sysop and I may need to promote someone else as a sysop one day or the other (not that I plan to quit!) For that I’d need to be a bureaucrat, and you’re the last “almost active” one… So could you please provide me those bureaucrat rights too?

    Many thanks.

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    • No problem you got it. Just please don't touch my rights. I may return some day when I have time.

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    • Yeah, Assumzaek’s back! \o/ (Well, for a limited time I fear…)

      No worry about your administration rights, Great Elders are sacred. ;) Plus, I know that you plan to come back when you’ll have more time (like SirPenta), but even if it wasn’t the case (Seboxara?) there’s no question I demote someone (except for rights abuse of course).

      See you later! =)

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    • A FANDOM user
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