Tome of Mastery
Tome of Mastery
Vital statistics
Type Boss Loot
Effects Allows the Hero/ine to choose between 2 specializations of their class.
Source Tengu
Cost to buy Cannot be bought
Cost to sell Cannot be sold

Description Edit

Tome of Mastery
Tome of Mastery
This worn leather book is not that thick, but you feel somehow, that you can gather a lot from it. Remember though that reading this tome may require some time.

Use Edit

Mastery reading

Reading the Tome of Mastery

The Tome of Mastery allows the Hero/ine to choose between 2 specializations of their class.

Reading the Tome of Mastery to select a sub-class requires 10 turns (fewer, with Ring of Haste).

Obtaining Edit

To get the Tome of Mastery, the Hero/ine must defeat the 2nd boss - Tengu. Tengu will drop the Tome of Mastery, along with a skeleton key.

Once a particular class of Hero/ine has acquired the Tome of Mastery, every time a new game is started with that class, that Hero/ine will have the Tome of Mastery in their backpack.

Specialization types Edit

There are a total of 8 specializations.

Warrior specializations Edit

Main article: Warrior

Gladiator Edit

See also: Gladiator

A successful attack with a melee weapon allows the Gladiator to start a combo, in which every next successful hit inflicts more damage.

Berserker Edit

See also: Berserker

When severely wounded, the Berserker enters a state of wild fury significantly increasing his damage output.

Mage specializations Edit

Main article: Mage

Battlemage Edit

See also: Battlemage

When fighting with a wand in his hands, the Battlemage inflicts additional damage depending on the current number of charges. Every successful hit restores 1 charge to this wand.

Warlock Edit

See also: Warlock

After killing an enemy the Warlock consumes its soul. It heals his wounds and satisfies his hunger.

Rogue specializations Edit

Main article: Rogue

Freerunner Edit

See also: Freerunner

The Freerunner can move almost twice faster, than most of enemies.
When he is running, the Freerunner is much harder to hit.
For that, he must be unencumbered and not starving.

Assassin Edit

See also: Assassin

When performing a surprise attack, the Assassin inflicts additional damage to his target.

Huntress specializations Edit

Main article: Huntress

Sniper Edit

See also: Sniper

Snipers are able to detect weak points in an enemy's armor, effectively ignoring it when using a missile weapon.

Warden Edit

See also: Warden

Having a strong connection with forces of nature gives Wardens an ability to gather dewdrops and seeds from plants. Also trampling a high grass grants them a temporary armor buff.

History Edit

Update Change
0.4.4 ADDED to the game
1.6.4 Fixed: The Berserker gains Fury if the Warrior's health is within the Fury threshold when the Tome of Mastery is read.
1.7.0 Changed: The Hero/ine cannot read the Tome of Mastery while blinded.

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