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Troll blacksmith

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Type Quest
Spawn Depths 12 to 14
Gives Reforges two items, consuming both and returning a third, one level higher than the highest-leveled.
Walk speed 0 tiles per turn
Attack details
Health ? HP
Dodge 0
Accuracy 0
Armor ?
On Damage ?

The Troll blacksmith is a Quest NPC.


Blacksmith gif.gif
Troll blacksmith
This troll blacksmith looks like all trolls look: he is tall and lean, and his skin resembles stone in both color and texture. The troll blacksmith is tinkering with unproportionally small tools.


The Troll blacksmith is a NPC who can be found on depths 12 to 14. There will always only be one blacksmith per game. It is possible (but very unlikely) for the Blacksmith to not spawn in a game, if depth 14 has no standard rooms, being at least 5×5 large.

The Troll Blacksmith can give either the Dark Gold Ore quest, or the Bloody Pickaxe quest. He is 2 times more likely to give the Dark Gold Ore quest as compared to the Bloody Pickaxe quest

Upon speaking with him, the Troll Blacksmith will give the Hero a Pickaxe, which must be used either to mine the ore, or slay a bat.

Dark gold ore quest

Main article: Dark gold ore quest

The Troll Blacksmith will ask the player to mine 15 Dark gold ore for him. Dark gold ore veins can be found throughout depths 11-15. Upon giving him the Dark gold ore, he will take back his pickaxe and all Dark gold carried by the Hero.

Vampire Bat quest

Main article: Bat quest

The Troll Blacksmith will ask the player to stain his Pickaxe with Vampire bat blood by slaying 1 Vampire bat. You must equip the pickaxe and use it in battle (it will glow, as if enchanted, once you have succeeded). The pickaxe only needs to deal the fatal blow, you can weaken the vampire bat by any means as long as it's not fatal. Upon successful return, he will take his Pickaxe back (but will leave any mined Dark Gold Ore untouched).

After returning to him with at least 15 Dark Gold Ore OR his Bloody Pickaxe, he will let you choose to reforge 2 items of the same kind into 1 level higher than the highest level item used in the forging process. The items must both be identified, un-cursed and not less than level 0.

Prize generation

Reforging Process

The Troll Blacksmith will take the item with the most upgrades and increase the level on that item by one while the other item is destroyed. This upgrade is exactly like using a Scroll of Upgrade so there is a 1/level chance (100 % if level=0) that the enchantment/glyph is kept. However, a broken item will be both fixed and upgraded unlike the Scroll of Upgrade. If both items have the same level, then the item in the left slot is the item that will be upgraded.


  • Collecting 15 Dark gold ore is generally very easy to find, as the Dark gold ore veins are scattered throughout depths 11 to 15.
  • If you do want to keep some Dark gold, drop all but 15 of the Dark gold onto the ground before talking to him so he can't take it from you. Note that the gold has no useful purpose, but can be sold for 1 gold each.
  • The Troll Blacksmith does not reforge cursed items, degraded items, and/or unidentified items.
  • The Troll Blacksmith reforges a pair of items, only once per run.  Choose wisely, if you have more than 1 pair of items you want to reforge, as you can only move forward with 1 pair.


Update Change
1.6.1 ADDED to the game
1.6.3 Added: Vampire Bat Quest

Changed: The Troll Blacksmith is using "trollier" language.

1.6.4 Fixed: The Troll Blacksmith spawns at Depths 12-14 again, rather than only at Depth 12.
1.7.0 Fixed: Quest NPC's can no longer drop their reward on a non-walk-able cell (Quest Items can no longer be thrown at a non-walk-able cell)


The Reforging window that appears after returning with 15 Dark Gold Ore or a Bloody Pickaxe