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turn is an important fundamental concept of the game.
Usually in Rogue-like games, a turn is a unit of time in which both the Hero/ine and NPCs can perform actions.
In Pixel Dungeon, a turn consists of a round of character turns, possibly with other actions.

A turn can be counted as a frame, in which the Hero/ine can wait one time, and all NPCs perform their actions.

Actions Edit

Since a turn is a unit of time, all actions are measured in it.

  • For example, the Hero/ine’s default speed is one tile per turn.
  • If starving, the Hero/ine will lose 1 HP every 33.33 turns on average.

Tips Edit

  • Don't step directly next to an enemy; if you do, it will get the first attack against you.
    When an enemy is approaching, use the Wait button (looks like a clock) when it is one tile away, so it will use its last turn taking a step toward you.
  • Some enemies move 2 tiles per turn. You can use this to your advantage when trying to do a surprise attack.

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