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Unist Pixel Dungeon is a mod of Shattered PD which was released in January 26th, 2017 by HeXa. It is most probably the first Korean mod released that reached the majority of the Pixel Dungeon community. The mod was for years and until recently available in Play Store but not anymore. Even though the download link of the infobox is totally functional, players will not lose something if they search it also in Play Store, in case it has resurfaced.

The version of Shattered PD that it was based on is not explicitly stated, but the changes made are so drastic that having this knowledge would not matter very much anyway. All the sprites and tiles of Shattered PD are retextured with a degree of randomness, as for example the Crazy Thief looks like a deer, the Goo like an old lady, the Marsupial Rat and Gnoll Scout like walking scrolls (but the scrolls look like floppy discs :-)), the Giant Piranha like a rubber duck etc.

Nevertheless, they all retain their names, game descriptions and familar behaviors from Shattered PD. In addition the game's graphics are the old 2D ones and the dungeon tiles remind more of a house than a dungeon. That said, the pixel art in this mod is elaborate and the sprites are well designed.


In its gameplay UNIST PD is a simplified shortened version of Shattered PD:

  • Alchemy Pots (and therefore Alchemy), Seeds and Wands don't exist. High grass drops only dew.
  • As a result the Old Wandmaker gives rings as rewards.
  • The only available class is the Warrior with no subclasses.
  • Depths are only 10 and the Amulet of Yendor is obtained after defeating Tengu (retextured to an old man).

The armors, artifacts, potions, rings, scrolls, and weapons of Shattered PD do exist in UNIST PD, but in their versions approximately of late 2016. Most of them are retextured too, but also retain their names, functions and game descriptions.