Undead dwarf
Undead infobox
Summoned by King of Dwarves
Walk speed 1 tile per turn
Health 28 HP
Dodge 15
Armor 5
Resistant to Nothing
Immune to Grim weapon
On damage Nothing special
Range Melee
Accuracy 16
Damage 12 to 16 (14 ±1.06)
Attack delay 1 turn per attack
On hit Gives Paralyzed (1/5)
Max level
30 for XP
32 for drop
Experience 0 XP
Drops Nothing

The Undead dwarf is a special enemy summoned by King of Dwarves.


Undead Dwarf gif
Undead dwarf
These undead dwarves, risen by the will of the King of Dwarves, were members of his court. They appear as skeletons with a stunning amount of facial hair.


  • An Undead Dwarf doesn't have free will, and obeys the King of Dwarves.
  • It will attack on sight.
  • It also has a chance to inflict the Paralyzed debuff on the Hero/ine, for one turn.
  • Undead Dwarves tend to surround the Hero/ine.
  • Similar to Skeletons, their death triggers an explosion, which deals additional damage to any character in close proximity.

Special notes

The Undead Dwarves do not die when the King of Dwarves dies.


  • Try to slay them, before more are spawned.
  • The Undead Dwarves' application of the Paralyzed debuff can be countered/prevented by drinking a Potion of Purification as soon as they reach melee distance.
  • The only time it's relatively 'safe' to be Paralyzed is when the Hero/ine is already Starving. (The debuff 'ends sooner' when starving, and 'lasts longer' when satiated.)
  • A Wand of Disintegration, and/or a Shocking-enchanted melee weapon, would be of great help in clearing them.
  • A Wand of Amok can be used on the Undead Dwarves, to make them attack the King of Dwarves, or other Undead Dwarves.
  • If you're playing as a Warrior/Gladiator, they are useful in building combo points.


Update Change
0.4 ADDED to the game
0.4.2 Changed: Undead Dwarves are immune to Paralysis, now
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