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This article gathers the published release notes of the successive versions of update 0.2.

v0.2 Edit


I’m glad to announce that Pixel Dungeon 0.2 is now available on Google Play!

v0.2.1 Edit


As I promised, Pixel Dungeon 0.2.1 released! This is a bug-fixing update, here is the list of changes from Google Play:

  • Changed: Charging time for enhanced staffs is increased
  • Changed: Tengu is slightly buffed
  • Fixed: Several bugs are fixed (including major ones - loss of a key, pinch-to-zoom lock)

You can download it here.

v0.2.2 Edit


Pixel Dungeon 0.2.2 released! This update is dedicated to items, here is the list of changes from Google Play:

  • Added: Several new items including rings, wands, potions and ranged weapon
  • Changed: Areas revealed with Scroll of Magic Mapping are shown in different color
  • Changed: Inventory window is slightly modified
  • Changed: Now there can’t be 2 special rooms of the same type on the same level
  • Changed: Now melee weapon do less damage without enhancement, more with enhancement
  • Changed: Now enhanced armor gains DR depending on its tier
  • Fixed: several bugs are fixed

Actually there are more changes in this update, but the field for recent changes on Google Play is too short and I’m too lazy start enumerating them again :)

v0.2.3 Edit


Pixel Dungeon 0.2.3 released! The main feature of this update is the shop on the 6th depth. What else? Here is the list of changes from Google Play:

  • Added: Shop on the 6th depth
  • Added: New “trap" type - alarm
  • Added: New special room type - healing well
  • Changed: Now it’s impossible to put out fire in the water while levitating
  • Changed: Now alarmed monsters are less likely to notice the hero
  • Fixed: The size of apk-file is reduced
  • Fixed: Now it’s impossible to use teleportation on Tengu’s depth
  • Fixed: Crashes on devices with turkish locale

v0.2.4 Edit