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This article gathers the published release notes of the successive versions of update 0.3.



Pixel Dungeon 0.3 released! This update brings 5 new cave levels, monsters and items. What else? Here is the list of changes from Google Play:

  • Added: New attack button (for melee combat)
  • Added: Ankh - a powerful artefact, that allows you to bring a fallen hero back to life
  • Changed: Potions of Strength and Scrolls of Enhancement now can be spawned in Laboratory and Library respectively
  • Changed: Second search at the same place always succeeds
  • Changed: Regrowth sets “rooted" debuff on targets in its area of effect
  • Fixed: a lot of bugs

and more…



Pixel Dungeon 0.3.1 released! This update comes with beautiful theme by Cube_Code and basic sound effets. Also some serious bugs are fixed including “Sealed-DM-300" bug and “Starved-to-death-after-resurrection" bug.



Pixel Dungeon for Android 0.3.3 released! Here is the list of changes from Google Play:

  • Added: Enchanted weapons
  • Added: Several new items
  • Added: New sounds
  • Changed: Scrolls of Enhancement are renamed to Scrolls of Upgrade
  • Changed: Landscape orientation is enabled on all devices
  • Changed: The hero and mobs don’t get slowed down in dense vegetation
  • Changed: Sleeping monsters less like to notice the hero while he is levitating
  • Changed: No more crabs on the second level
  • Changed: Wand of Telekinesis pushes enemies back
  • Fixed: A lot of bugs and typos…

…and more

It took much longer than I planned, sorry about that. The next update will bring many new features (and will take much time to implement too) including classes.



Pixel Dungeon for Android 0.3.4 goes live! This update introduces character classes: Warrior, Mage and Rogue. Here is the list of changes from Google Play:

  • Added: Character classes
  • Added: New special room type - Garden
  • Added: New special room type - Crypt
  • Added: New type of trap - Lightning trap
  • Added: New sounds
  • Changed: Now it’s impossible to upgrade a Ring og Haggler
  • Changed: Unarmed hero inflicts damage based on his Strength
  • Changed: Now wells really look like wells
  • Changed: Ring of Rejuvenation is renamed into Ring of Mending
  • Several bugs fixed

…and more



DDL Apk Top




DDL Apk Top DDL Apk New

Pixel Dungeon 0.3.5 released! Here is the list of changes:

  • Added: In-game music by Cube_Code
  • Added: Rankings (high scores)
  • Added: New enchantment - Wild weapon
  • Added: New sounds
  • Changed: All classes were tweaked a little
  • Changed: All bosses now resist to toxic gas and grim enchantment
  • Changed: Some special rooms were tweked a little
  • Fixed: Several major and minor bugs were fixed

…and more.