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This article gathers the published release notes of the successive versions of update 0.4.

v0.4 Edit


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Pixel Dungeon 0.4 released! This update brings 5 levels of dwarven city, new monsters and items. Here is the list of changes from Google Play:

  • Added: 5 new levels (city of dwarves) full of new enemies
  • Added: Well of Transmutation
  • Added: In-game sound controls
  • Added: Resistances and immunities for monsters
  • Added: Tiles are highlighted when searched
  • Added: “Resume motion" button
  • Added: New sounds
  • Changed: Rankings screen is slightly redesigned
  • Changed: Rogues start with 12 darts
  • Changed: Mystery Meat can be cooked
  • Changed: Garden room is redesigned
  • Fixed: Several bugs fixed

…and more

v0.4.1 Edit


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Pixel Dungeon 0.4.1 released! Here is the list of changes from Google Play:

  • Added: Ring of Resistance
  • Added: Statue Room
  • Added: Catalogus (accessible from the character window)
  • Added: Additional info in rankings (more to come)
  • Changed: Scroll of Remove Curse also removes Weakness
  • Changed: Weakness is buffed
  • Changed: Flying mobs and levitating hero cannot be rooted
  • Changed: Decelerating weapon is renamed to Chilling weapon
  • Changed: Wands can be transformed in a Well of Transmutation
  • Changed: Enchanted weapons are less common now
  • Fixed: Several bugs fixed

and more…

v0.4.2 Edit


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Pixel Dungeon 0.4.2 released! This is a rather small update without dramatic changes. Here is the list of what’s new from Google Play:

  • Added: Potion of Frost
  • Added: Scroll of Nuclear Blast
  • Added: Dewdrops
  • Added: Enemy health indicator (tap danger indicator to activate it)
  • Added: Number of slain monsters in rankings
  • Added: Mages can equip and use wands as a melee weapon (in case of need)
  • Changed: Undead dwarves are immune to Paralysis now
  • Fixed: Animated statues are not activated by alarms
  • Fixed: Strictly one item per tile in shops
  • Fixed: Ring of Resistance+5 and higher

and more…

Discussion thread

v0.4.2a Edit


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v0.4.3 Edit


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Pixel Dungeon 0.4.3 released! This update introduces "Badges" - a simple achievements system. Here is the list of what’s new from Google Play:

  • Added: Badges (achievements)
  • Added: Freezing traps
  • Added: Ring of Thorns
  • Changed: Upon resurrection the current floor is reset only if it’s a boss floor
  • Changed: Search action always succeeds now
  • Changed: Reforging preserves enchantment of an upgraded weapon
  • Changed: Scrolls of Nuclear Blast are renamed to Scrolls of Psionic Blast
  • Changed: Golems and Animated statues are immune to Psion Blast now
  • Fixed: Several bugs fixed

and many more…

v0.4.4 Edit


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Pixel Dungeon 0.4.4 released! The main feature of this update is “specializations". They are like sub-classes, there are 2 of them for each class (i.e. 6 in total). Here is the changelog from Google Play, it’s quite short:

  • Added: Specializations (available after defeating the 2nd boss)
  • Added: New badges
  • Added: New room "Flooded vault"
  • Changed: Badges visualization is corrected a little
  • Changed: Some badges criteria
  • Fixed: Several bugs fixed

v0.4.4a Edit


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v0.4.5 Edit


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This is another small update, hopefully it will be the last one before the next content update (0.5). Here is the list of changes from Google Play:

  • Added: New type of items - seeds
  • Added: Wand of Disintegration
  • Added: New badges
  • Added: New sounds
  • Changed: Ring of Haggler and Ring of Thorns are not need for unlocking “all rings" badge
  • Changed: Wands can’t have more than 9 charges now
  • Changed: The chance of looting a Ring of Thorns is increased
  • Fixed: Several bugs fixed (incl. critical ones)

Discussion thread

v0.4.5a Edit


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