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This article gathers the published release notes of the successive versions of update 1.9.


1.9.0 for Android released! (2015/08/05)

Initially, these features were meant to be a part of the previous update, but I was afraid to jam too many of them into a single release.
So it’s more like “1.8.0, Part 2”:

  • Added: New room - Sacrificial Chamber
  • Added: Auto-targetting for wands and missile weapons
  • Added: Read animation
  • Changed: Degradation system
  • Changed: Durability of all items is slightly increased
  • Changed: Wands of Telekinesis are replaced with Wands of Reach with a different effect on monsters
  • Changed: The way score is calculated
  • Fixed: Bugs and typos

...and much more…

About changes in degradation system

When durability of an item decreases to zero, it doesn’t degrade now. Instead, it keeps its level, but it breaks.
For example, if you had a Venomous Sword +3, it becomes Broken Venomous Sword +3.
Broken items can be used as normal ones, but of course, they perform worse.
For fixing them, the same means are used as for restoring durability: Scrolls of Upgrade, Scrolls of Enchantment etc.

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1.9.1 for Android released! (2015/09/04)

  • Added: New armor enchantment - Auto-Repair
  • Added: New vfx
  • Changed: Wand of Avalanche "presses" affected tiles
  • Changed: Scroll of Wipe Out turns Shop goods and Mimics into regular heaps
  • Fixed: Several major and minor bugs
  • Fixed: Typos

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1.9.2 for Android released! (2015/12/01)

  • Improved Catalogus:
    It displays the number of currently owned identified potions and scrolls, and you can use them right from there.
  • Improved tiles:
    Nothing dramatic here, but the map should look a little less "regular" now.
  • New Berserker’s perk: "The more enemies surrounding the Berserker, the faster he performs his attacks."
  • Any wand can be merged with another wand of the same type:
    It works roughly like Troll Blacksmith's service, but wands don't need to be identified.
  • Wand of Flock spawns fewer sheep, but they block line of sight and live longer:
    It's supposed to make this wand more useful. :)
    For example, you can use it to get close to an enemy and perform a surprise attack.
  • Wand of Avalanche is buffed
  • Wand of Firebolt is slightly nerfed
  • Sacrificial mark gets propagated on attack:
    I.e. instead of luring enemies into sacrificial fire, you can step into it yourself and then attack them - they'll become "marked for sacrifice".
  • All enemies on a depth get beckoned when the Hero or an enemy steps into sacrificial fire:
    Together with the previous change, it should make the whole sacrificing thing faster.
  • More "scroll-like" behaviour of Scroll of Wipe Out:
    Now, it burns, and it can be stored in the Scroll Holder.
  • Some typos fixed.

and more...

Steam and iOS versions are coming soon!

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Hotfix (2015/12/6)