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Here most of my time has been invested so far on writing pages about less known completed PD mods that I consider interesting, less known mods still in development that I think they are promising, or about specific elements of well known mods that the information about them had been scattered and/or confusing. Nevertheless, I consider my highest priority here to always watch for the releases of new mods and for the updates of already existing mods, in order to keep the wiki's mods' catalogue and the its mods' general page up-to-date as much as possible.

Original PD is very important by itself and for the big legacy of mods it has created with its open source code, Shattered PD is objectively the most popular mod, and in my personal opinion a very well-balanced and refined mod. That said, this website should be pluralistic, in order to reflect as much variety of the PD ecosystem is possible, so for me personally as a content contributor all other mods apart from Original PD and Shattered PD are higher in my writing priorities. This viewpoint is also totally shared by another frequent wiki contributor, Omicronrg9, whose work here and in reddit about PD mods I respect greatly (a little more about him in the second from last paragraph).

As a consequence, so far I have written big or most parts of:

  • the page about Chancel PD, in collaboration with its developer Noodlemire
  • the page about Classic Dungeon,
  • the page about Cursed PD,
  • the page about Darkest PD in collaboration with its developer egoal,
  • the page about Deistic PD,
  • the page about Dixel Pungeon,
  • the page about Easier Sprouted PD,
  • the page about Easier Vanilla PD,
  • the page about Easy PD,
  • the two pages about Fushigi No PD in collaboration with its developer HappyAlfred,
  • the page about Goblins PD,
  • the page about Lustrous PD,
  • the two pages about No Name Yet PD in collaboration with its developer Ravenwolf
  • the page about Overgrown PD,
  • the page about Perfect PD,
  • the page about PD 2,
  • the page about Random Dungeon,
  • the page about Rat King Dungeon,
  • the page about Re-Remixed Dungeon in collaboration with its developer Quasistellar,
  • the page about Pixel Ponies!,
  • the page about Remake PD,
  • the page about Ripped PD,
  • the page about Shattered Trap Dungeon,
  • all the pages about Special Surprise PD (during the first phase a year ago in collaboration with reddit user Noodlemire, who is also the developer of Chancel Pixel Dungeon, but after that first phase he has stopped participating in this writing project),
  • the pages about Sprouted PD's Pets and Sprouted PD's Otiluke's Journal (I have also made many additions to all of Sprouted PD's pages),
  • the page about Yet Another Shattered Dungeon,
  • the page about Your PD,
  • the page generally about Pixel Dungeon Mods,
  • the page generally about Pixel Dungeon Translations,
  • the page about the Pixel Dungeon mods Generations and
  • the Developers' catalogue and the Alphabetic & Thematic catalogues of the wiki's contents.

I have also compiled and/or written most parts of the short pages about 3D PD, 30iDburg PD, ASCII Dungeon, Desktop Version (LibGDX port), Desktop version (Watabou & Arcnor - LibGDX port), PD Echo, Dungeon Run WIP, Easier PD, Easy Dungeon, Experienced PD, Girls' Frontline PD, Harder Sprouted PD, Hell Dungeon, Hell Dungeon Rewarded, Loot Dungeon, Loot Dungeon Shattered, Minecraft PD I & II, Mo' Food Mod PD, Palantir, Phoenix PD, PD +, PD Easy Mode, PD Legends, PD ML, PD Prayers, Pixel unDungeon, Plugin PD, Soft PD, Too Cruel PD, Tunable PD, Unbreakable PD, Undegraded PD, UNIST PD.

Lastly, I have also updated all Yet Another PD pages with the changes of the latest releases and added a lot of info to the Lovecraft PD, Moonshine PD, Skillful PD, Survival PD and Unleashed PD pages and some info to the Prismatic PD page.

I also find really interesting the contributions of Omicronrg9 (wiki, reddit) in documenting all the existing PD mods along with the interconnections between them (follow this paragraph's links to visit his profiles and see his infocharts). His work has also been very helpful to me in adding all of this new info to the wiki in a very short amount of time. I should also note that Hyperlolman (wiki, reddit, also called Gamma Lolman in discord) has been very helpful as well in pointing out mistakes and correcting various details in some of the pages mentioned above (he almost always edits as an anonymous contributor, so don't judge a book by its cover if you visit his profile in the wiki).

My favorite mods are in order of preference from highest to lowest (but don't forget that this is my top 6, so they are all by default positioned very highly): Darkest PD, Special Surprise PD, No Name Yet PD, Fushigi No PD, Yet Another PD, Survival PD and Easier Sprouted PD (honorable mention also to Harder Sprouted PD by SmuJamesB, who has fixed all the game crashing bugs of original Sprouted PD). There is a fun fact that among these seven mods four have been released by Chinese developers (Darkest, Easier Sprouted, Fushigi No, Special Surprise) even though I have no personal affiliation with China of any sort, and also only one of the remaining three was created by a Western European or a Nothern American developer (No Name Yet PD is Argentinian and Yet Another PD is Russian). In any case I appreciate without exception the work behind all mods that are not clones or ripoffs, and as a contributor I try to have no negative bias against any mod that had even a minimum amount of orginal work invested to it. The sole reason I write more about some mods is that I see them as having more content in need of description/explanation. So, I think that's all about me, the wiki and Pixel Dungeons.

P.S.1: Visual editing is neither my talent nor my passion, but all these pages added to the wiki also needed some images. I have no hesitation to admit that as a result the vast majority of the images I have uploaded so far to the wiki are of mediocre quality, due to the joint lacks of skill and time, so if you enjoy visual editing, I urge you to replace any of them, as the chances of me becoming better in visual editing in the near future are 0.

P.S.2: I have recently become content and discussion moderator in this wiki, along with MrKukurykpl aka QKuroire and Zrp200. These are statuses with increased responsibilities that give access to some bonus rights, but they are not on the top of the wiki's pyramid. In case you want help with something, these are the areas that a content or discussion moderator can help you (so feel free to write requests on my wall, but don't think I am a PD wiki god or something, because I am not):

Content Moderators are users who have additional tools available to moderate specific parts of the community. These tools are: Editing and moving fully protected pages, Deleting and undeleting pages and files, Editing and moving protected files, Rollback, Renaming files, Protecting and unprotecting pages, Patrolling pages if the community has the Recent Changes patrol feature enabled, Deleting article comments.

Discussions Moderators are users who have additional tools available to manage conversations in various features across the community where users are having discussions. These tools are: Removing and restoring threads and replies by any user, Closing and reopening threads, Manage Forum boards, and move threads from one board to another, Moderating chat, Deleting blog comments, Editing and deleting article comments, Moderating the Discussions feature, if enabled.

The users higher than content or discussion moderators in the wiki's hierarchy are 00-Evan, Mdsimmo (both bureaucrats) and Oraticus (administrator). Among these three 00-Evan is the most consistently active here, so if you have any issue that is not covered in the two paragraphs just above, I suggest that you visit Evan's profile and leave a message on his wall.