heya there, I'm MrK, on r/pixeldungeon Discord server available under the name QKuroire. My favorite fork is Shattered, and I like other stuff too I guess. Oh and I made a bunch of PD memes, that's gotta be important.

Before joining wikia, I wrote a bunch of tutorials for the game on reddit:

If you're watching my user page in the future (hi!) then I'm flattered, but as you might know - reddit only allows editing, voting and commenting on posts up to 6 months after they've been first posted, so my tutorials might've not aged too well in the future. User 12345kostis12345 was kind enough to convert my posts into a proper article format before I joined the wikia - which made them easier to keep up to date and edit, but also forced a certain text style which removed some of my lame jokes, probably for the better of us all. Here's the current page if you're interested.

My favorite pagesEdit

  • "Favorite pages"? what does that even mean lmao.
  • I mean I guess I can share what I've been working on so far here? I'm mainly doing edits to Shattered pages, and sometimes other pages whenever I feel like it. I've made some changes to the Main (Shattered) and /Classes pages;
  • As mentioned before I practically wrote Quirks. Linked above, you don't even need to scroll up.
  • Created /Badges, for now without pictures
  • Created /Dungeon, for now without any actual content whatsoever;
  • I'm also currently working on /Buffs;
  • aaand /Missiles, that's another WIP
  • Also editing /Consumables
  • Planning on /Alchemy at some point in the future
  • Y'know I should probably finish some of those pages instead of going for the next project
  • Oh yeah I also added /Potions because it's missing for some reason; wait what was I...?
  • /Dungeon, /Enemies, /Plants, /Scrolls...
  • Anyway you get the point, I'm everywhere, see my contributions for more etc. etc. Cya for now.
  • Favorite page #41
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