aka Ømicrón

  • I live in Nihilon,Madrid,Spain
  • I was born on March 3
  • My occupation is PD Historian.
  • I am PD Historian too.

My current objective (which I am accomplishing at a slow pace) is to record the existence, date and idiosyncrasy of every Pixel Dungeon mod, It doesn't matter it's a clone or a radically different modification, I will try to collect the most essential information of it and bring all that information in a compressed format, which is currently my mod tree. However, I've been working in a total rework of my tree which will include the first Pixel Dungeon Chronology ever made, which records the biggest quantity of mods ever collected and information about them, which in this case would be the exact date (if possible) of their first release (Github, Playstore or any other site. The first of all will be recorded) and their current state of activity.

My outdated 1.4 version of the tree is shown below:

Mods Tree 1.4

Bad resolution .png preview of my 1.4 Mods Tree

If you really want to look at it I recommend my reddit posts. Perhaps you'll find some more interesting info about PD and about the rules about how the tree is organized, plus a document with many apk download links!

On this wiki, I'm currently focused (in my free time) on expanding and reworking Remixed Dungeon wiki page. However, I'm taking this at a very slow speed due to my lack of time.

Also I'm planning to work on writing articles for each PD mod that is not currently recorded here and help expanding the knowledge about the rest if needed.

My previous (and unfinished) articles were about Lovecraft Pixel Dungeon, which is currently forbidden on the official subreddit due to some of its content.

I must mention the very good job that two people, Noodlemire and kostis12345, have done making the SPecial Surprise Pixel Dungeon wiki section, so if you are gonna play this mod, all your questions will surely be answered on it. 

Edit: user kostis12345 also created the main pages of Fushigi No Pixel Dungeon, Darkest Pixel Dungeon and Easier Vanilla and Easier Sprouted pages, so big thanks to him for this too. 

That's all by now. Kind regards!

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