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My stats of a game with a Wand of Regrowth and a low-level Ring of Herbalism.

I have been playing Pixel Dungeon since version 0.5.4 (downloaded from the Amazon Appstore on January 25, 2014). It is difficult playing in beta. I couldn't even reach Goo when I first played, and when I went back to that version, it was still difficult for me to win. Now, Pixel Dungeon is rather simple for me, and I win frequently.

My current version of (vanilla) Pixel Dungeon is 1.7.3 and 1.9.2a (on 2 different devices).

Mod Unbreakable Pixel Dungeon

Unbreakable Pixel Dungeon Download


This mod removes the degradation of items in Pixel Dungeon v1.9.1. Items no longer break. They don't have a durability bar and don't perform worse over time from usage.

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