• Hello everyone: I haven't updated this page in literally years, so here's just a quick log of how I've been doing on Pixel Dungeon.

I have currently completed the game once (11th June 2018 - I hadn't been playing regularly for a long time) in a version with degradation, v1.9.2a, as a Rogue Assassin. I was actually very surprised at how well it turned out; I hadn't been doing well in the Prison stage, with only +0 leather armor and a +1 quarterstaff. I also ran very low on healing potions and used too many on Tengu.

However, I actually had a broken +3 plate armor from a previous run's Hero's Remains where I died at depth 5 to Goo after a miscalculation with turns. I found a +0 Longsword at depth 11 and upgraded it to use as my main weapon.

I somehow managed to find more healing potions in the Caves and Dwarven City, to eventually get 8 potions by depth 20. At this point I'd upgraded my plate armor to +6 and longsword to +4; miraculously there were enough upgrade and enchantment scrolls to prevent them from degrading. The Ambitious Imp gave me a +4 Ring of Evasion which I upgraded once - seriously overpowered :)

Somehow or other I got through the Demon Halls fighting only one evil eye and.nothing else...then upgraded the longsword to +5 before fighting Yog without using any potions.

I still can't believe how well it turned out... :P

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