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    GIF Creation Tutorial

    October 16, 2013 by Assumzaek

    Hey guys! I haven't contributed for a long time, but Pixel Dungeon keeps updating and new content such as images and gifs need to be added. I can't do it, however, because I have a lot of work around university. So I figured I could do a tutorial for those of you who want to add good-looking images and GIF's to the wiki. This was also brought to my attention by Ethaniel and EgotisticalMe.

    So here's a tutorial for creating GIF's. But also know that I used a lot of the same techniques for creating nice looking .png files for the wiki.

    I hope this is useful. Enjoy!

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  • Assumzaek

    Progress: 100%

    May 28, 2013 by Assumzaek

    Today we finally reached 100% progress, yall!!

    Here are the things we've managed to do:

    • Fill out your main page
    • Reach 10 Photos
    • Reach 3 Categories
    • Visit Founder & Admin Central
    • Visit Wiki Activity
    • Fill out your Profile Page
    • Reach 20 Photos
    • Reach 75 Edits
    • Reach 20 pages
    • Edit a category page
    • Visit Wikia Labs
    • Reach 5 Categories
    • Add a photo gallery
    • Customize your navigation
    • Add a main page slider
    • Edit Community Corner
    • Add a video
    • Reach 5 user profiles
    • Visit Recent Changes
    • Upload a wordmark
    • See your most visited pages
    • Write a blog post
    • See uncategorized pages
    • Reach 300 edits 

    You're all awesome guys!

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  • Assumzaek

    Just trying it out. :D

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