Vampire bat
Bat infobox
Spawns in 8 to 9 (Prison)
11 to 14 (Caves)
Walk speed 2 tiles per turn
Health 30 HP
Dodge 15
Armor 4
Resistant to Vampiric weapon
Immune to Nothing
On damage Nothing special
Range Melee
Accuracy 16
Damage 6 to 12 (9 ±1.46)
Attack delay 1 turn per attack
On hit Heals by damage dealt (always)
Max level
15 for XP
17 for drop
Experience 7 XP
Drops Potion of Healing (1/8)

The Vampire bat is a standard enemy that can be found in Prison and Caves.


Vampire Bat gif
Vampire bat
These brisk and tenacious inhabitants of cave domes may defeat much larger opponents by replenishing their health with each successful attack.


  • Vampire bats will attack on sight.
  • During the fight,
    • It replenishes its health based on damage dealt to Hero/ine of each successful attack.
    • There is a chance that it'll give the poisoned status to its victim. The status deals 3 damage per turn.
  • Two or more could be dangerous, but they usually fly alone.

Special notes

  • They are flying enemies, so they can move over chasms and traps, without triggering them.
  • Their HP gain is equal to the damage they deal.
  • Vampire bats are fast, moving 2 tiles for every one you move (without the Ring of Haste).


  • If you have weak armor, it is recommended to have a weapon (including wands) that inflicts at least an average of 12 damage.
  • Vampire bats could be used for farming Potions of Healing, but will drop the potions less often than the Swarm of flies.


Update Change
0.3 ADDED to the game
0.4.1 Changed: Levitating enemies cannot be Rooted
1.7.0 Changed: Levitating enemies cannot fall into chasms anymore

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