Vegetation grows throughout all depths of the Dungeon; and will always be found in gardens and graveyards.

Description Edit

The vegetation images are shown below, and the vegetation names change to:

Stage Untrampled Trampled
Sewers Grass long sewers High[sic] grass Grass trampled sewers Grass
Prison Grass long prison High[sic] grass Grass trampled prison Grass
Caves Grass long caves Fluorescent mushrooms Grass trampled caves Fluorescent moss
Dwarven City Grass long city High[sic] blooming flowers Grass trampled city Grass
Demon Halls Grass long halls Emberfungi Grass trampled halls Embermoss

Vegetation changes its image and name as you descend deeper into the dungeon.

Properties Edit

Vegetation is a flammable tile that burns for a period of time.
However, if there is a patch of vegetation close together, the fire will spread until it runs out of flammable tiles to burn.

Untrampled vegetation will block the Hero/ine’s view (e.g. if an enemy is surrounded by untrampled vegetation, the Hero/ine won’t be able to notice the enemy, & vice versa).

When vegetation is trampled, it has a 1/5 chance of dropping a dewdrop and a 1/15 chance of dropping a seed.
A Ring of Herbalism will increase chances of getting dewdrops/seeds.

Vegetation can be made by using a Wand of Regrowth. When the Warden sub-class tramples vegetation, or any plant, she receives the barkskin buff.

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History Edit

Update Change
0.3.3 Changed: The Hero/ine & enemies don't get Slowed down in dense Vegetation
1.7.0 Fixed: Blobs (i.e. gases & fire) are no longer obstructed by non-solid tiles, which impede vision/field-of-view (like tall vegetation).

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