Wand of Amok

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The appearance of this wand is randomized each run.
Shot Info
Min Dmg Equal to affected target's
Max Dmg Equal to affected target's
Avg Dmg Equal to affected target's
Duration 3+level
Range Unlimited
Extra Effects Amok
Initial Charges 2
Other Info
Sell Price 50 gold
Generation Chance 10/113 or 8.85%

The Wand of Amok is a wand.

Its class name in the save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​wands.​WandOfAmok".

Description Edit

Wand of Amok
The purple light from this wand will make the target run amok attacking random creatures in its vicinity.

Use Edit

Shooting an enemy with this wand will enrage it, making it mindlessly hit everything in its way, no matter if it's the Hero/ine or another enemy (though there is a higher priority towards the enemy, if they're visible upon being Amoked; the Hero/ine is targeted if there are no other enemies present)

Obtaining Edit

The Wand of Amok can be found randomly in generated levels.
A random wand has a 10/113 or 8.85 % chance of being the Wand of Amok.


  • An enemy affected by this wand will seek out another enemy within its sight and attack it until the effect wears off.  If its target dies before the effect expires, it will seek out another target.
    • This new target doesn't have to be within sight and can even be behind hidden doors.  So, if it seems to be oddly running towards a blank wall, try searching the area for a door.
    • Nothing will happen if there is no target within sight, even if it later comes into view.
  • Attacking an enemy affected by Amok will not break the effect.
  • You can use this wand when you're surrounded by many enemies, to turn them against each other.
    • This tactic could be particularly useful against the King of Dwarves. He is the only boss that summons minions, and they tend to surround you fast.

Amok zap

  • You gain XP from kills made by enemies affected by this wand.
  • This wand overrides the Crazy Thief's/Crazy Bandit's natural tendency to run. As long as this isn't the item he pilfers, it's very helpful in getting your gear back.
  • When farming Potions of Healing, the Wand of Amok can speed up the splitting of a Swarm of flies. Because of their naturally low damage, flies under the effect of Amok can split their comrades several times while doing minimal damage.
  • A foe affected by this wand appears to be oblivious to dangerous tiles such as Trap tiles.  They will even walk into Chasm tiles and instantly die.
  • If you happen to have a Wand of Flock, an affected enemy will happily attack a sheep.
  • If there is an NPC around, an affected enemy will attack it. However, be careful not to Amok an enemy while the Shopkeeper is around.

Durability rate Edit

This chart displays the rate at which the Wand of Amok degrades at each upgrade level.

Level Durability

+0 96
+1 90
+2 84
+3 78
+4 72
+5 66
+6 60
+7 54
+8 48
+9 42
+10 36
+11 30
+12 24
+13 18
+n 6×(16-n)

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