Wand of Poison

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The appearance of this wand is randomized each run.
Shot Info
Min Dmg 2 (from poison)
Max Dmg 2 (from poison)
Avg Dmg 2 (for most enemies)
Duration 5+Level
Range Unlimited
Extra Effects Poisoned
Initial Charges 2
Other Info
Sell Price 50 gold
Generation Chance 10/113 or 8.85%

The Wand of Poison is a wand.

Its class name in the save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​wands.​WandOfPoison".

Description Edit

Wand of Poison
The vile blast of this twisted bit of wood will imbue its target with a deadly venom. A creature that is poisoned will suffer periodic damage until the effect ends. The duration of the effect increases with the level of the staff.

Use Edit

The Wand of Poison, when cast on an enemy, will cause that enemy to be afflicted with the Poisoned debuff for a number of turns equal to the wand's power.

Obtaining Edit

The Wand of Poison can be found randomly in generated levels. A random wand has a 10/113 or 8.85% chance of being the Wand of Poison


You can use this wand to finish off enemies from distance.

Damage details

The amount of damage per turn is 2 for most enemies, and 1 for Bosses, Animated statues, and Giant piranhas.

Durability rate Edit

This chart displays the rate at which the Wand of Poison degrades at each upgrade level.

Level Durability

+0 96
+1 90
+2 84
+3 78
+4 72
+5 66
+6 60
+7 54
+8 48
+9 42
+10 36
+11 30
+12 24
+13 18
+n 6×(16-n)


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