As of Update 1.9.0, this wand has been replaced by the Wand of Reach.

Wand of Telekinesis

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The appearance of this wand is randomized each run.
Shot Info
Min Dmg 0
Max Dmg 4+level-distance (when against a wall)
Avg Dmg (maxDistance-1) - (Distance-1)
Duration Hit only
Range Level+4
Extra Effects "Bounce"
Initial Charges 2
Other Info
Sell Price 50 gold
Generation Chance 6/113 (5.31%)

The Wand of Telekinesis is a wand.

Its class name in the save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​wands.​WandOfTelekinesis".

Description Edit

Wand of Telekinesis
Waves of magic force from this wand will affect all cells on their way triggering traps, trampling high vegetation, opening closed doors and closing open ones. They also push back monsters.

Use Edit

The main and most important use of this wand is to pick up items & set off traps from a distance.
Another use is to cast it on enemies, to push them back and deal some damage, if they are against a wall.

The item containers it can open are:

  • (Unlocked) Chests
  • Mimics (bypasses mimic summon?)

Telekinesis zap

Obtaining Edit

Non-obtainable, as of Update 1.9.0.


  • Fire the wand down long corridors to trigger traps.
  • Can be used to retrieve items on top of traps & instantly place them in your Backpack.
  • Can be used to push (non-flying) enemies onto traps & into chasms.
  • The Wand of Flock can be used strategically with this wand, by pushing sheep around for clutch moves/saves.
  • Continuous firing can keep a burning/poisoned enemy away from the Hero/ine, decreasing the enemy's health (a Wand of Slowness helps to keep the wand recharged longer).

Damage details

In most cases, the wand will not do any damage and only push the enemy backwards. However, if the enemy is against a wall, then the wand will do 4+level-distance (that's a minus sign; not a "to" sign) damage points.

Durability rate Edit

This chart displays the rate at which the Wand of Telekinesis degrades at each upgrade level.

Level Durability

+0 96
+1 90
+2 84
+3 78
+4 72
+5 66
+6 60
+7 54
+8 48
+9 42
+10 36
+11 30
+12 24
+13 18
+n 6×(16-n)

History Edit

Update Change
0.3.3 Changed: Wand of Telekinesis pushes enemies back
0.5.2 Changed: Items can be picked up from a distance with a Wand of Telekinesis
1.6.4b Fixed: A potential bug with the Pushing effect (i.e. Wand of Telekinesis) is corrected.
1.9.0 Changed (REMOVED): Wands of Telekinesis are REPLACED with Wands of Reach, with a different effect on enemies.

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