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Well of awareness small
Well of Awareness
Power of knowledge radiates from the water of this well. Take a sip from it to reveal all secrets of equipped items.

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Stepping onto this Well allows the Hero/ine to:

Additionally, an item can be thrown into the well to identify it; this is useful for items that cannot be equipped.
Potions thrown into the well will not shatter and will be identified correctly.

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  • Wear a piece of armor, or equip a weapon, and step onto the well to identify it.
    • This can be risky, however, as the item equipped can be cursed.
  • Alternatively, throw the item into the well to identify it.
    • This will cost you a chance at more useful information, so be sure you're ready.
  • Use the well to your advantage, if you are looking for hidden doors. Items might be inside hidden rooms.

History Edit

Update Change
1.7.0 Changed: Drinking from a Well of Awareness reveals all secrets of a depth.

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