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Well of transmutation small
Well of Transmutation
Power of change radiates from the water of this well. Throw an item into the well to turn it into something else.

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The Well of Transmutation is a well that can transmute some items that are dropped, or thrown in: melee weapons, scrolls, potions, rings, wands, seeds, and the Hero/ine.
If items of other categories are dropped, or thrown in, nothing happens and the well remains usable.

The resulting item is random and has the same category as the original one (e.g. a wand will result in a wand) and, when relevant, same level and same tier, but the type will always be changed (e.g. a Scroll of Challenge will never result in another Scroll of Challenge).
Even though items change, Weapons and Rings will keep their upgraded (or down-graded) statuses.
A degraded item will be restored, but cursed items will remain cursed.

If the Hero/ine steps in to the well, s/he receives the disguised buff and appears to be disguised as a different class.

There is at least one Well of Transmutation per game, with a very high probability of it appearing in either the Abandoned Prison (Stage 2), or the Mining Caves (Stage 3).

Specific transmutations:

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  • If you intend to balance a weapon that you intend to throw into a Well of Transmutation, wait until after you've thrown it into the well to balance it. Doing so beforehand will undo the balance that's been applied to the weapon.
  • [Post-Update 1.7.3c]:
    Do not immediately use the well in the Sewer stage (if you are planning to throw in a Scroll of Upgrade), as it is more beneficial to use Scrolls of Upgrades in the sewer levels (this is mainly because you usually don’t get any good weapons early on, and even if you do, they are rarely enchanted).
    • Just remember to return to this well later on, after you've gotten stronger, so you can make use of it (whether to get a Scroll of Enchantment, a Potion of Might, the other weapon of the same tier, a different wand, or a different ring).
  • Have a Scroll of Identify when throwing in a Scroll of Upgrade, so an unidentified Scroll of Enchantment doesn't get mistakenly read later on; and vice-versa.

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History Edit

Update Change
0.4 ADDED to the game
0.4.1 Changed: Wands can be transformed in a Well of Transmutation
0.5.4b Fixed: The "Dropping a stack of items in a Well of Transmutation" bug is now corrected.
1.7.0 Changed: At least one Well of Transmutation per game (With a very high probability for it to appear in Stage 2 {Abandoned Prison}, or Stage 3 {Mining Caves} )

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