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YetAnotherPD has many differences from Original PD in both the functions of plants and the combinations needed to brew potions, while the alchemy's interface has been also changed:

  • There are no seeds in YetAnotherPD. Plants are reworked into herbs and are always found fully grown on a grass tile. Potions are brewed with the herbs that the hero collects.
  • There is absolutely no effect when stepping on a herb grown in the dungeon. Instead herbs have various effects when eaten (harmful or beneficial until recently, always beneficial in current YetAnotherPD).
  • The spawn rate of each herb has now become dependent on the current chapter.
  • The only two ways available currently to grow a plant/herb in YetAnotherPD are to: a) water a high grass tile, or b) read a scroll of Sunlight in an area with high grass. The potion of Overgrowth which was used with the same function has been removed from current YetanotherPD.
  • Alchemy pots now give by default the option to either "Brew a potion" or "Cook meat" when first selected by the player and the interface of the two options is slightly different, as 3 slots are needed for brewing (2 for herbs + 1 for the empty bottle) and 2 slots for cooking (1 for the herb + 1 for the meat).
Alchemy YAPD 2
Alchemy YAPD 1

Brewing potions in current YetAnotherPD requires an empty potion bottle and two specific herbs and as in previous versions there are never random outcomes from brewing, when the combination of herbs is correct. Also now already from the alchemy's interface the new potion will get displayed before it gets brewed, so if you don't remember all the combinations or don't want go to the wiki and back to the game, you can just try combining all your available herbs and see for which the interface shows a specific potion (unfortunately, the alchemy's interface will show only the acronym and not the color, so you can't identify unknown potions this way). Empty potion bottles can be found in shops, laboratories and among the loot. Using incorrect herbs brews always a potion named Unstable, which has a question mark in the place of the acronym and causes randomly one effect of the other common potions.

[Until recently brewing potions in YetAnother PD required three herbs, and when all three herbs were of the same type, the outcome was guaranteed and was instantly identified, if the potion was not already identified. Putting different herbs in the alchemy pot resulted in random potions, with a higher chance for the potion that was normally brewed from the herbs that were the majority in the mixture. This is still the basic alchemy mechanic in YetAnotherPD's mod No Name Yet Pixel Dungeon.]

Herb combinations Edit

Old players of YetAnotherPD should keep in mind that two herbs and an empty bottle are required for brewing potions in current YetAnotherPD.

Dreamfoil YAPD
Dreamfoil herbs are often intenionally cultivated because of their curious effects... sometimes even illegally. Still, depending on how they are used, they can affect one's mind in a variety of ways.

It was previously named Dreamweed.

  • Dreamfoil + Dreamfoil > Mind Vision.
  • Dreamfoil + Firebloom > Rage, Dreamfoil + Icecap > Confusion Gas
Earthroot YAPD
Certain tribes use these roots as food in their rituals, as it is believed that consuming them improves fortitude. Actually finding one of these roots is usally a feat in itself, given that they usually grow in deep caverns.
  • Earthroot + Sungrass > Shield, Earthroot + Sorrowmoss > Webbing, Earthroot + Wyrmflower > Strength.
  • Note: Earthroot herbs can't be combined with themselves anymore.
Feyleaf YAPD
Stories tell that the original Feyleaf was once a dryad, given a new form by the twin gods, either as a reward or punishment. These hherbs usually grow in secluded and secretive places and are esential for brewing some of the more curious potions.

New herb, recently added.

  • Feyleaf + Icecap > Invisibility, Feyleaf + Whirlvine > Levitation, Feyleaf + Wyrmflower > Wisdom.
  • Note: Feyleaf herbs can't be combined with themselves.
Firebloom YAPD
Charlatans sometimes used Firebloom herbs to impres crowds by being allegedly unaffected by lighted candles or hot coals. Now it is a pretty known trick.
  • Firebloom + Firebloom > Liquid Fire.
  • Firebloom + Dreamfoil > Rage, Firebloom + Sungrass > Blessing.
Icecap YAPD
Icecap herbs feel cold to touch and have some numbing capabilities. Northern tribes sometimes use Icecap herbs as food to keep themselves from the frigid climate of their lands.
  • Icecap + Icecap > Frigid Vapours.
  • Icecap + Dreamfoil > Confusion Gas, Icecap + Feyleaf > Invisibility
Sorrowmoss YAPD
It is said that Sorrowmoss usually grows in places where a great tragedy took place. Despite its reputation and applications, it is actually completely safe to eat.
  • Sorrowmoss + Sorrowmoss > Caustic Ooze. This combination does not brew a potion of Corrosive Gas anymore.
  • Sorrowmoss + Earthroot > Webbing, Sorrowmoss & Whirlvine > Toxic Gas
Sungrass YAPD
Wild animals often eat Sungrass herbs to purge their body of toxins. Sprouts of this herb are pretty common in places where sunlight is scarce, but still present.
  • Sungrass + Sungrass > Mending.
  • Sungrass + Earthroot > Shield, Sungrass + Firebloom > Blessing.
Whirlvine YAPD
It is a pretty well-known fact that stalks of Whilrvines can be used to predict stormy weather, and they are often associated with winds and lightning.
  • Whirlvine + Whirlvine > Thunderstorm. This combination does not brew a potion of Levitation anymore.
  • Whirlvine + Feyleaf > Levitation, Whirlvine + Sorrowmoss > Toxic Gas.
Wyrmflower YAPD
A very rare herb, it is often sought by alchemists for its pwerful alchemical properties. Being a key ingredient for the most potent of potions, such valuable find cannot be underappreciated.

It is a very rare plant and it might not spawn even once in a run.

  • Wyrmflower + Earhroot > Strength, Wyrmflower + Feyleaf > Wisdom.
  • Note: Wyrmflower herbs can't be combined with themselves and brew potions of Strength anymore.

Note that the Fadeleaf herb does not exist anymore in YetAnotherPD and Dreamweed has been renamed to Dreamfoil.

Dreamf.l Earthr. Feyl. Firebl. Icecap Sorrow. Sungr. Whirlv. Wyrmfl.
Dreamfoil M. Vis. - - Rage Conf. - - - -
Earhroot - - - - - Webb. Shield - Strength
Feyleaf - - - - Invisiibil. - - Levitat. Wisdom
Firebloom Rage - - L. Fir. - - Bless. - -
Icecap Conf. - Invisibil. - Fr. Vap. - - - -
Sorrowmoss - Webb. - - - C. Ooze - Toxic -
Sungrass - Shield - Bless. - - Mend. - -
Whirlvine - - Levitat. - - Toxic - Thund. -
Wyrmflower - Strength Wisdom - - - - - -

Potions Edit

To read about the potion effects, you should visit the YAPD Consumables page of the wiki.

Herbs as food / Cooking meat with herbs / Food items Edit

Herbs now require only one turn to get eaten, satisfy 5% satiety, and do not apply any debuffs when eaten, but either Add HP, Remove Debuffs or apply short Resistance Buffs for 10 turns.

  • Dreamfoil: Mind resistance buff fir 10 turns, also removes mind debuffs
  • Earthroort: Physical resistance buff for 10 turns
  • Fayleaf: Magical resistance buff for 10 turns
  • Firebloom: Fire resistance buff for 10 turns, also removes the Burning debuff
  • Icecap: Cold resistance buff for 10 turns, also removes the Chilled debuff
  • Sorrowmoss: Acid resistance buff for 10 turns, also removes the Caustic Ooze debuff
  • Sungrass: Body resistance buff for 10 turns, also removes body debuffs
  • Whirlvine: Shock resistance buff for 10 turns (is applied also to electricity damage)
  • Wyrmflower: Fully heals the hero and adds permanently 2 max HP.

Unlike most mods, Raw Meat is now completely safe to eat, can't get frozen anymore, while burning raw meat will turn it into burned meat, which is a worse version of raw meat (raw meat satisfies 20% satiety, while burned meat satisfies 15%). Raw meat can also be cooked in alchemy pots with herbs and gain herb-specific buffs for 50 turns, same with the effect of the herb when eaten alone but for a considerably longer amount of time (cooked meat also satisfies a bit more satiety, 25%). There isn't the option to freeze meat and turn it to Frozen Carpaccio anymore in YetAnotherPD. The other food items of YetAnotherPD along with their amount of satiety satisfaction are: any herb 5%, small ration 50%, ration of food 75%, dwarven pasty 100% (it is also the only food item that can get the hero from "Starving" directly to "Satiated"),

The meat - herb combinations of current YetAnotherPD that result to different types of cooced meat are:

Cooking YAPD
  • Dreamweed + raw meat > Sweet meat: Mind resistance buff for 50 turns
  • Earthroort + raw meat > Chewy meat: Physical resistance buff for 50 turns
  • Feyleaf + raw meat > Tender meat: Magical resistance buff for 50 turns
  • Firebloom + raw meat > Spicy meat: Fire resistance buff for 50 turns
  • Icecap + raw meat > Minty meat: Cold resistance buff for 50 turns
  • Sorrowmoss + raw meat > Bitter meat: Acid resistance buff for 50 turns
  • Sungrass + raw meat > Savory meat: Body resistance buff for 50 turns
  • Whirlvine + raw meat > Sour meat: Shock resistance buff (is applied also to electricity damage) for 50 turns
  • Wyrmflower + raw meat > Potent meat: Fully heals the hero and adds permanently 2 HP.

All types of cooked meat satisfy 25% satiety.

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