Overview Edit

Rings have their effects streamlined and more balanced against each other. All of them now have a secondary effect to make them more satisfying to use, and all of them have their effects stacked while using two rings of the same type. As all the rings display their current effects with specific numbers in their game descriptions, this section is updated with the changes in the current YetAnotherPD beta.

Effects and Upgrading Edit

A) +20% > +10% per level Edit

Ring of Fortune Edit

The Ring of Fortune at 0 level increases the amount of gold spawned and the amount of loot dropped by enemies by 20%.

Fading rings
Ring of Fortune
This ring blesses its wearer with greater luck, increasing amount of loot dropped from enemies when equipped.

Ring of Knowledge Edit

The Ring of Knowledge at 0 level increases the amount of experience earned and the identification rate of items by 20%.

Fading rings
Ring of Knowledge
This ring increases the amount of experience gained from combat when it is equipped, as well as decreases the amount of time it takes to identify items.

Ring of Protection Edit

The Ring of Protection at 0 level increases the armor class according to the hero's strength and the resistance to acid, cold, energy, fire and shock by 20%.

Fading rings
Ring of Protection
This ring greatly boosts your survivability by allowing you to occasionally resist different elemental threats such as fire, frost, electricity, acid, energy or withering. It also increases your armor class by an amount depending on your physical strength.

[The ring of Protection at level 0 adds 2 armor class points with strength 9/10 and 1 extra armor class point every four strength upgrades (3 with strength 14, 4 with strength 18 etc.). Upgrading the ring will add 0.5 to its armor class multiplier which is by default 1, so with strength 18 a +1 ring will give 6 armor class points, a +2 ring 8, and a +3 ring 10, the last number being half the armor class of a non-upgraded plate armor.]

In these rings each upgrade raises their fixed stat by 10%.

B) +7% +20% > +3,5% +10% per level Edit

Ring of Awareness Edit

The Ring of Awareness at 0 level increases awareness by 7% and the bonus damage from counter attacks by 20%.

Fading rings
Ring of Awareness
This ring boosts your alertness when worn, improving your perception and increasing bonus damage inflicted by your counterattacks. Useful for those who prefer defensive approach.

Ring of Mysticism Edit

The Ring of Mysticism (formerly ring of Concentration) at 0 level increases attunement (formerly willpower) by 7% and the chance of weapon and armor enchants to proc by 20%.

Fading rings
Ring of Mysticism
This ring was enchanted to increase the magical sensitivity of its wearer. Rings of this knid are often used by spellcasters of all kinds, since having greater attunement with magical currents really helps in their line of work.

Ring of Shadows Edit

The Ring of Shadows at 0 level increases stealth by 7% and sneak attack damage by 20%.

Fading rings
Ring of Shadows
This ring makes it harder for enemies to notice you when you are wearing it and increases damage dealt to unaware opponents.

In these rings each upgrade raises the first stat by 3.5% and the second stat by 10%.

C) +10% +20% > +5% +10% per level Edit

Ring of Accuracy Edit

The Ring of Accuracy at 0 level increases accuracy by 10% and bonus damage from combo attacks by 20%.

Fading rings
Ring of Accuracy
This ring improves your combat skills when worn, increasing your chance to hit the enemy with melee or ranged weapons and increasing bonus damage from series of combo attacks.

Ring of Durability Edit

The Ring of Durability at 0 level gives a 10% chance to repair items for free and increases the durability of items by 20%.

Fading rings
Ring of Durability
This ring decreases rate at which everything around it degrades with use. It will make your wands, weapons, shields and armour last longer, make your ammunition break less often and even allow you to use your repair tools more effectively.

Ring of Evasion Edit

The Ring of Evasion at 0 level increases evasion by 10% when standing still and by 20% when moving.

Fading rings
Ring of Evasion
This ring improves your reflexes, making it easier to dodge any incoming attacks when equipped - especially if it wearer is on the move.

Ring of Vitality Edit

The Ring of Vitality at 0 level increases healing effects and natural regeneration by 10% and resistance to body effects by 20%.

Fading rings
Ring of Vitality
This ring increases the body's regenerative properties, augmenting effects of all sources of healing, and increasing your resistance to negative effects affecting your body.

Ring of Willpower Edit

The Ring of Willpower (formerly ring of Sorcery) at 0 level increases magic power (formerly magic skill) by 10% and resistance to mind effects by 20%.

Fading rings
Ring of Willpower
By increasing the wearer's willpower, this ring indirectly increases their magical abilities. Additionally, it offers the benefit of making it easier to shrug off all kinds of mental debuffs.

In these rings each upgrade raises the first stat by 5% and the second stat by 10%.

D) +7% -10% > +3,5% -5% per level Edit

Ring of Satiety Edit

The Ring of Satiety at 0 level increases the effectiveness of eating by 7% and decreases the rate at which satiety drops by 10%.

Fading rings
Ring of Satiety
This ring optimizes digestive mechanisms of your body, making it possible to go without food longer and increasing nutriety of consumed food.

In this ring each upgrade raises the first stat by 3.5% and the second stat by 5%.

Ambitious Imp rewards Edit

Unlike most other mods and Original PD the Ambitious Imp NPC doesn't give an upgraded ring as a quest reward randomlly.

  • Acolytes will get either a ring of Accuracy, a ring of Awareness, or a ring of Durability.
  • Brigands will get either a ring of Evasion, a ring of Shadows, or a ring of Fortune.
  • Scholars will get either a ring of Knowledge, a ring of Mysticism, or a ring of Willpower.
  • Warriors will get either a ring of Protection, a ring of Satiety, or a ring of Vitality.

Another dfference from other mods of the ring reward in YetAnotherPD is that it is not cursed.

Gameplay tips for Rings Edit

  • All rings can be helpful for all classes, but the rings of Accuracy and Awareness are especially helpful for the Acolyte, the rings of Evasion and Shadows for the Brigand, and the rings of Mysticism and Willpower (formerly Concentration and Sorcery) for the Scholar. Heroes that dual weild weapons will benefit much from the ring of Accuracy, as it increases the damage in combo attacks, while heroes with a shield equipped from the ring of Awareness, as it increases the damage in counter attacks.
  • Half of the enemies in YAPD drop nothing, and even those who drop loot, most often it is either a food item (Dwarf Monk, Evil Eye, Giant Spider, Piranha, Sewer Crab) or a little gold (Dwarf Warlock, Gnoll Brute, Mugger, Skeleton), less often ammunition (Gnoll Hunter, it appears in all three of the beginning chapters though), and never armors, rings, scrolls, shields, weapons, wands etc. so upgrading a ring of Fortune will practically have a positive effect on the non-food loot only on the amount of gold spawned during level generation and not at all on the spawning of game-changing items (the enemy gold drops are low in amount of gold pieces and ammunition is relatively plenty anyway).
  • On the other hand all hero classes gain +2 health, +1 accuracy and +1 dexterity per level (with some differences among them, related to each class' weakness), and also class-specific bonuses related to each class' strength (Strength and HP for the Warrior, Magic Power for the Scholar and to a lesser degree for the Acolyte etc.) so equipping a ring of Knowledge, and also upgrading it if you find it early on can be game-changing for all hero classes, as each upgrade will add +1 to its XP multiplier and will speed up the hero's leveling up and the improvement of his/her stats. Upgrading this ring to +3 level might be too much though, as the hero will level up too quickly and some of the enemies will stop giving XP even before he/she completes a depth for the first time.
  • The ring of Protection can be especially helpful in the Hardcore and Impossible difficulties, where enemies have more HP and the hero receives more damage, so equipping and upgading this ring if you find it is highly advisable in these difficulties.
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