The Strength attribute has two main functions:

  1. As a hero gains strength, the damage dealt by a melee hit increases. Specifically, added to each hit is a strength bonus of between 1 and (hero's strength - current weapon strength requirement); as hero strength or weapon level increase, so does the damage bonus.
  2. Strength acts as a “level limit” on 武器 and 盔甲 as they can only be used effectively when a player has a certain amount of strength. Equipping weapons or armor that require more strength than the character currently has will cause attacks and movement to be slowed.

Acquiring Strength 编辑

Currently the only way to obtain strength is by drinking a Potion of Strength or a Potion of Might. Potions of Strength can be found on any depth of the dungeon, and are pre-identified by the Warrior class. A potion of Might is acquired by throwing a Potion of Strength into a Well of Transmutation.

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