The Shopkeeper is a Standard NPC.


This stout guy looks more appropriate for a trade district in some large city than for a dungeon. His prices explain why he prefers to do business here.


The Shopkeeper can be found in the Shop, on Depths 6, 11, 16, & 21 (the depth directly after each boss depth). The Shop will always be in a room adjacent to the staircase that brought you down to that depth. They will sell overpriced items; and will buy items from the player for a significantly lower gold return rate. The buy price will be five times higher than the sell price of an item.

On Depth 6, he will buy your items for about 10% of their selling price. The price for each item rises by about 50% in each subsequent store. Unidentified items are less expensive than identified items, and less useful potions and scrolls (such as Scroll of Challenge) are less expensive than more useful ones (such as Scroll of Terror).

If any damage, or any (de)buff, is applied to the Shopkeeper, he and his goods will immediately disappear, leaving an empty room. It means that, in addition to damage (directly by the Hero, an enemy, or indirectly from a Skeleton’s explosion), harmful potions, aggressive scrolls, and some wands (Amok) will make the Shopkeeper flee, so don't test out scrolls while in the line of sight of the Shopkeeper. If you use a Wand of Teleportation on the Shopkeeper, he will be teleported outside of his Shop, but you can still buy & sell items from him.


Type Standard
Spawn in Shops
Gives sellable items
Walk speed 0 tiles per turn
Attack details
Health 1 HP
Dodge 0
Accuracy 0
Armor 0
On Damage flees