特性 编辑

  • 盗贼初始装备一枚+1的阴影指环;
  • 盗贼装备戒指后能立刻知道其种类,等级则仍需一定熟练度来鉴定;
  • 盗贼更适合装备轻甲,能获得(力量值 - 护甲当前力量要求)的闪避加成值;
  • 盗贼更擅于侦察隐藏门和陷阱;
  • 盗贼的饥饿累积速度为其它职业的5/6,严重饥饿后的扣减体力间隔多20%;
  • 鉴定卷轴在一开始就是已鉴定状态;

  • 盗贼的初始武器为匕首
  • 盗贼初始获得8枚标枪
  • 盗贼可把投掷武器当作近战武器使用,但不受力量值对伤害的加成;
  • 盗贼更适合装备轻甲,能获得(力量值 - 护甲当前力量要求)的闪避加成值;
  • 盗贼可无视障碍发现2格距离内(以英雄为中心的5×5正方形)的金钱或道具。

副职阶 编辑


疾行者 编辑

The Freerunner can move almost twice as fast as most of the monsters. When he is running, the Freerunner is much harder to hit. For that he must be unencumbered and not starving.
  • 在盔甲不超负荷、非严重饥饿的前提下,疾行者的行动速度、穿卸装备提升为原来的1.6倍;
  • 1.7.0版本后,移动中的疾行者拥有双倍的闪避值。

暗杀者 编辑

When performing a surprise attack, the Assassin inflicts additional damage to his target.
  • 当刺客对目标实施奇袭(对沉睡、麻痹和刚从另一侧开门的目标实施的攻击),其伤害将提升约50%。

疾行者 与 暗杀者 编辑

If you choose Freerunner you will able to reposition yourself, outrun enemies you don’t want to fight (very useful in later levels), reach quickly ranged mobs so they don’t hit you too much, escape spreading gases and fire, chase thieves and kite easily if you have a fast hitting weapon or ring of haste. The extra mobility is really useful in general, allowing you to create or get out of many situations.

If you choose assassin you will need to constantly guide mobs behind doors to perform surprise attacks in order to get the sub-class benefit, which is a 50% damage amplifier only on that single hit. You could also get surprise attacks by hitting a sleeping enemy, it is possible to approach one without waking it up if you upgrade enough your Ring of Shadows. Attacking stunned enemies also counts as surprise attack so it’s good if you have a Stunning enchanted weapon or use Curare Darts as melee weapon but it is very inefficient as it will consume one dart per hit. In general it can be tedious or hard (unless having the right equipment) to constantly look for the Surprise Attacks but with a nice weapon the extra damage can be big.

盗贼服 编辑

在击败第二个敌方首领(侏儒王)后,英雄会获得一份甲胄改造包。 改造包能让英雄将他的一件甲胄改造为附有特殊能力的职业装。

Rogue armor 穿上这件暗色的装束,盗贼可以使用一种名为烟雾弹的小把戏(虽然并非真正地引爆什么),致盲所有看到他的敌人并跑开。


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