描述 编辑

Tome of Mastery 精通之籍

使用 编辑

Mastery reading


精通之籍让玩家可以将英雄转化为当前主职阶的两种副职阶中的一种。 共有八种副职阶分支。

获取 编辑

To get the Tome of Mastery, the player has to defeat the 2nd boss, the Tengu. The Tengu will drop the Tome of Mastery along with a skeleton key.

Once the player has acquired the Tome of Mastery with a particular class, every time the player starts a new game with that class they will have the Tome of Mastery in their backpack.

副职阶种类 编辑

战士分支 编辑

角斗士 编辑

A successful attack with a melee weapon allows the Gladiator to start a combo, in which every next successful hit inflicts more damage.

狂战士 编辑

When severely wounded, the Berserker enters a state of wild fury significantly increasing his damage output.

法师分支 编辑

战法师 编辑

When fighting with a wand in his hands, the Battlemage inflicts additional damage depending on the current number of charges. Every successful hit restores 1 charge to this wand.

术士 编辑

After killing an enemy the Warlock consumes its soul. It heals his wounds and satisfies his hunger.

盗贼分支 编辑

疾行者 编辑

The Freerunner can move almost twice faster, than most of the monsters. When he is running, the Freerunner is much harder to hit. For that he must be unencumbered and not starving.

刺客 编辑

When performing a surprise attack, the Assassin inflicts additional damage to his target.

女猎手分支 编辑

狙击手 编辑

Snipers are able to detect weak points in an enemy's armor, effectively ignoring it when using a missile weapon.

守望者 编辑

Having a strong connection with forces of nature gives Wardens an ability to gather dewdrops and seeds from plants. Also trampling a high grass grants them a temporary armor buff.

其它 编辑

  • 精通之籍始于0.4.4版本。
  • 阅读精通之籍的总共需要耗费10回合(less with Ring of Haste)。
  • 1.7.0版之后,英雄无法在失明状态下阅读该古籍。
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