总共有8种不同的There are 8 different types of traps in the game. After being triggered, the tile they were on becomes harmless to step on. Traps start out hidden (the exception being Tengu's traps) but can be found by searching (either manually or just by walking near them) or using Scroll of Magic Mapping.

A trap is activated when you step on it, throw an item onto it, or use a Wand of Telekinesis on it. A Potion of Levitation will let you fly over a trap without activating it. Flying enemies can also fly over traps; other enemies will avoid traps. If you encounter a room of traps, there will be a Potion of Levitation in another room on the same dungeon level.

Traps become stronger and more common the deeper you delve into the dungeon. Traps only occur on empty floor tiles, so on lower floors hidden traps can be avoided by walking on tiles with water, grass, etc.

Unlike most other objects in the game, traps' effects are not randomized every run, and can be identified by color or by the observation button.

陷阱列表 编辑

类型 描述 图例


Releases toxic gas that damages both the player and monsters. A potion of purification can help while in toxic gas.

Amount of gas released increases with depth.

Poison gas trap


Generates a square of fire (setting the player on fire if they step on it). Also burns flammable tiles in cardinal [+] proximity of the trap.

Like other sources of fire, it can randomly burn scrolls (and cook mystery meat) in your inventory, and scrolls or mystery meat tossed onto a flame trap will be burnt/cooked in the generated fire.

Flame trap


Releases a gas that paralyzes the player and monsters.

The paralysis lasts after the cloud has faded, so monsters can run up and attack you after it has gone. It can also cause you to starve to death if you are hungry or starving and your health is low. Amount of gas released increases with depth. A potion of purification can help while in paralytic gas.

Paralytic gas


Does damage to and poisons the player.

Poison lasts for 5 + depth turns (with minimum of 20).

Poison dart trap


Acts like a scroll of challenge and alerts monsters to trap's location. Alarm trap


Fires a bolt of lightning when activated.

Deals a between 33% and 67% of your health as damage. Ring of Resistance can reduce the damage done.

Lightning trap


Bleeds and cripples the hero.

Bleeding will deal at most 3+depth on the first turn. Each turn then deals ≈25% less damage. Better armor will reduce the initial damage done.

Gripping trap




Summoning trap


An inactive trap. Triggered trap


Freezes the Hero and anything in the surrounding area. Freezing trap

Trivia 编辑

  • If you haven't identified a trap an enemy can step on it and it will not trigger the trap.
  • Any drop (even from a killed enemy) will trigger an unidentified trap.
  • Enemies will avoid traps. If there is no path to the Hero without stepping on a trap, they will remain motionless. The enemy can then be safely killed using Missile weapon.
  • Enemies can however be pushed onto traps using a Wand of Telekinesis.
  • Before 0.5.4, Toxic gas can be mixed with Paralytic gas to kill bosses (Except DM-300) much faster. If you get caught in it, well...let's not talk about it.
  • If there is a summoning trap on a boss floor, no enemies will be spawned.
  • On 1.6.0 the Freezing trap was removed and the Gripping trap was added. The Summoning trap then took the freezing traps image.
  • The flame trap of the prison stage is miss aligned by 1px compared to the other traps in that stage.

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